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Schooltree is an integrated school management software and Dedicated School Mobile app which is most advanced and easy to use .Utilizing the benefits of digital technology can help in the formidable task of managing a school. Schooltree can be a game-changer in this field. Schooltree has implemented in the process of digitizing the operations starting from admissions to Alumni management and digitalized fee collection to inventory management. Schooltree manages the different operations taking place in a school efficiently and productively.

Schooltree is the leading Student Information System and cloud ERP solution which caters automated and integrated solutions to parents, teachers, students, and administrative staff. It is a one-stop solution for a complete database management system for academic institutions that are powered by AI. Schooltree has been committed to providing the best software solutions for the education industry and helping Preschools/schools/colleges/universities maintain their competitive edge with their counterparts in the education market.

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